Shoot the Hero - A Christian Sesma Film

Reluctantly shopping for wedding rings, a young couple (Jason Mewes & Samantha Lockwood) unintentionally become the only eyewitnesses to a jewelry store heist gone awry as rival gunmen (Paul Sloan, Nick Turturro) turn on each other. Desperate to rectify the botched job, an underground mob boss (Danny Trejo) dispatches a mysterious hit man to find the soon-to-be husband and wife and clean up the mess. Seemingly at random, two brothers (Nic Nac Nicotera, Mike Hatton) find themselves stranded on their way to work after a series of misfortunes leaves them in a precarious predicament. Eventually forced to hitchhike, they find a ride from none other than our young engaged couple. But as the night unfolds everyone quickly discovers that their lives are somehow connected. And as bullets fly and plots thicken, what follows is a night of thugs, guns, laughs and love in an action-packed romp as seen through the eyes of talented writer/director Christian Sesma.

Keywords : shoot the hero, danny trejo, jason mewes, samantha lockwood, paul sloan, nick turturro, nic nac nicotera, mike hatton, katie morgan, fred williamson, taylor negron, david schackelford, annemarie pazmino, christian sesma, movie, film, flick, feature, independent, blue moxie entertainment, denise dubarry, clerks, mallrats, chasing amy, kevin smith, machete

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